Below is a collection of stock photos of a selection of designs we created over the years. High resolution photographs can be downloaded for rights-free use by clicking on the thumbnails. 

flying lego (2018)


HoloFlex (2016)

MagicWand (2016)


reflex (2016)

BitDrones (2015)


Foldable Smartphone (2014)

Singtel Experience, Singapore, by HML (2013)

Shape Changing Smartphones (2013)


Flexible Electronic Paper Computer (2012)

HML Boutique Laboratory by Karim Rashid (2012)

e-Paper Stacks & Instant FOLED Photos (2011-2012)

Pseudo-Holographic 3D Cylinders (2011-2012)


Flexible Smartphones (2010-2011)

 Multitouch Spheres (2008-2010)

Interactive Textile Displays (2008-2010)

Projected Hexagonal Compound Displays (2008-2009)

Projected DisplayObjects (2008)

Eye Contact Sensors (2007) 

Projected Paper Computers (2005)

Attentive User Interfaces (2002-2006)

Attentive Groupware (1997-2002)